An Agressive Negotiation Style And How It Worked For All Parties

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Personality types and negotiation styles have direct correlations to each other. My personality type is forward and agressive when dealing with someone in negotiation. I usually view my side of the negotiating process as the right one and believe that the other side needs to come over to my side to make it worth while. This proves to be unreliable for me to make negotiations work, so I usually have to change my stance. An agressive stance in negotiations does not equate to getting your BATNA (Best alternative to a negotiated agreement) realized. It is not a good way to get your reservation price negotiated as well. Here this paper will discuss the alternative to an agressive negotiation style and how it worked for all parties. My description of a BATNA and reservation price is a negotiation with an employee on their continued direction of working in the same environment or changing them to an alternate workplace. To begin with the BATNA should be described. “Your BATNA is your preferred course of action in the absence of a deal. Knowing your BATNA means knowing what you’ll do or what will happen if you do not reach an agreement” (Negotiating Outcomes, 2007). In some cases this may mean to walk away from the negotiation if it does not meet your requirement. Some people may even think that the best deal might be another course of action, such as getting a delivery of goods on a specific day rather than the day that the other side is willing to work on. Having the

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