An Agressive Negotiation Style And How It Worked For All Parties

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Personality types and negotiation styles have direct correlations to each other. My personality type is forward and agressive when dealing with someone in negotiation. I usually view my side of the negotiating process as the right one and believe that the other side needs to come over to my side to make it worth while. This proves to be unreliable for me to make negotiations work, so I usually have to change my stance. An agressive stance in negotiations does not equate to getting your BATNA (Best alternative to a negotiated agreement) realized. It is not a good way to get your reservation price negotiated as well. Here this paper will discuss the alternative to an agressive negotiation style and how it worked for all parties. My …show more content…
For my description I mentioned at the beginning that my personality style reflected on my negotiation style. I have a strong will and aggressive demeanor which comes through when doing a negotiation. An employee in my department had begun to show problems dealing with customers at the initial point of contact. This person had also begun to show aggravation dealing with the other employees in the department and stated that they were overwhelmed by the department’s fast pace and high reliability on them to make sure that all of the other employees’ patients were checked in and given paperwork to complete prior to their appointment. This employee had not shown before that the fast pace of that specific medical clinic would be too much for them to handle. However; it became very noticeable after a two week change that the employee was not able to handle this and was beginning to be more frustrated by the clinic. It came down to me asking what the problem was and what could be done to help. Thus began the negotiation process. As we began the negotiating of what would work for the employee to keep that person happy and make them feel better about their job, it came to mind that I had already begun by being aggressive. My BATNA was already in my mind that I would only accept that the employee needed to understand the change and adapt to the faster paced environment of
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