An Alcoholics Anonymous ( Aa ) Meeting Essay

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I went to an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting on November 26, 2016 at noon in Simi Valley, CA. It was in the back entrance of a strip mall in a long, thin room with tables down the middle and chairs around the table and around the walls in the room. It is only located four minutes from my house, but I have never noticed it before. As I walked in there was a little kitchen with coffee and a pecan pie and there were goodies on the table. I them walked into the main room. A woman led the group for her first time. Next to her sat the secretary who helped her out. She read some rules about the group and asked if there were new members. I raised my hand and explained that I was a MFT student and that I had come to observe the meeting. Everyone welcomed me and were very friendly and supportive. Others introduced themselves and several were from out of town. Baskets were passed around for those who wanted to donate. In the rules, it states that there were no dues or fees for AA membership, but that each AA group was self-supporting through their own contributions. Most people donated in a dollar or two. Then the leader made some announcements. One that I thought was interesting was that this AA group was going to have meetings all day on Thanksgiving to support those who needed help. In the evening, there would be a Potluck Thanksgiving dinner. It was mentioned that two people were bringing turkeys and another person was bringing a ham. I imagine that the holidays would be a
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