An Alien Stone

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Long ago, Inhumans did not exist. There were humans, and then there were aliens who lived light years away. This changed when the entire planet was exposed to Kritos, an alien stone meant to unlock alien DNA in certain people. When this DNA is unlocked, the person gains powers that are unique to them. They called themselves Inhumans. The Inhumans loved the change, they thought that that was who they were meant to be. The humans, however, were terrified. The inhumans had powers that they had no hope of beating. They thought that their planet was going to be over ruled by humans. General Micks of the United States declared war on them just three years after their appearance, and ordered them all to be captured and taken into labs where they were to be dissected. The inhumans went into hiding, running from the humans and isolating themselves from society. They lost their past lives, even the closest of friends and family turned against them. They thought they were stuck living in isolation for eternity, until someone named Give made an appearance.Give was the most powerful of all the inhumans, and seemed to have a special connection with everyone he met. One day, he stumbled across a portal that lead to another planet. This planet, Planet X, was only livable to Inhumans, and therefore safe from the humans. 100 years ago,when he first found it, it was a refugee camp that consisted of tents and soup kitchens. But as more and more people started to take refuge there, it grew.
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