An All New Avengers Universe

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An All New Avengers Universe

Description: Here 's what we know about the new Marvel Avengers teams so far

The Avengers is quite possibly Marvel 's most well known and loved teams.

They 've gained a lot of their popularity through the very successful Marvel Cinematic Universe, turning the Avengers into a billion dollar franchise movie franchise. Since popularity tends to equal sales, it only makes sense that Marvel would go on to make a lot more Avengers comics. And so they are. In fact, there are going to be a lot of changes coming to the Marvel Universe, including all new teams with a few new Avengers. So, let 's see how the Earth’s mightest heroes will be in the all new all different Marvel.

p.s. This list will include The Hulk,
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The team line up is as follows Steve Rogers as leader, Spider-man (Peter Paker), Rogue, Quicksilver in that new ugly costume, The Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Deadpool finally an Avenger, Brother Voodoo and Synpase a new inhuman character. To be completly honest I’m really excited for Uncanny Avengers the title is like a mash-up of all sides of the Marvel Universe and I can’t wait to read this title and to see how every character interacts with one another; should be a fun read.

4. New Avengers

A.I.M goes through a rebranding from Advanced.Idea.Mechanics to Avengers.Idea.Mechanics under ownership of Sunspot in New Avengers by writer El ewing and art by Gerardo.The New Avengers will be a team focused mainly on global heroics. The New Avengers will have Sunspot as leader and Songbird as field leader Wiccan, Hulkling, Hawkeye (Clint Barton), White Tiger, Pod, Power man, and Squirrel Girl! This title has a lot of stuff in it first of all Sunspot can’t legally operate in the U.S.A due to incidents that happened during the 8-months and he’ll be under house arrest, someone on the team is a traitor, Mister Fantastic from the ultimate universe a.k.a the Maker will be the villain of the first arc. I can’t wait to check this out this series it just screams take my money Marvel with characters that I like Song

5. A-force

A-force is returning, the hit
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