An Almost Perfect Match in The Namesake by Jhumpa Latiri Essay

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As far as relationships go, people believe there is an ideal match somewhere out there in the world that was made for them. Most of the time this conspiracy becomes a reality, but only for few. In the story The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri, the main character, Nikhil and his ex-fiancé, Moushumi seemed as if they were the kind of couple that would have lasted forever. Unfortunately as we continue to read through the story, we realized that they were not really meant to be. Even though they seemed as a perfect puzzle piece, various factors contributed to the end of their marriage. This almost perfect match started after the death of Nikhil’s father, Ashoke. After his death, Nikhil finally understood where his father came from and was…show more content…
After realizing what she resented she was willing to do anything to leave her Bengali roots and forge a life on her own terms even if it meant the end of her marriage.
Very soon after their marriage we begin to notice the differences between them. In their relationship Nikhil was much more devoted. Whereas Moushumi seemed to feel as if she was trapped and felt like she needed to break free. For instance Lahiri says, “she would sit at a (Lahiri 247). Moushumi felt the need to rebel against her expectations as an Indian woman and wife. She never like the fact that she was told something had to be a certain way because she was Bengali.

Eventually what she felt inside caused her to betray Gogol and his trust by having an affair with a man named Dmitri, whom she met years ago. The strong urge to revolt against what she was told diminished her relationship with Gogol. For instance Lahiri says, “This is what upsets her most to admit: that the affair causes her to feel strangely at peace. The complication of it calming her”(Lahiri 266). The fact that Nikhil was also Bengali intimidated her. She need a way to feel like she wasn’t listening to what her parents were telling her to do. Dmitri, unfortunately for their marriage, became the solution for her.
Despite all they have in common, Moushumi is clearly not the right one for Nikhil. Later on
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