An Alternate Policy Recommendation for the Refugee Problem

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An alternate policy recommendation for the refugee problem is the following: UNRWA, the organization that gave the Palestinian refugees the definition that they have, replaced the Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in 1950. UNHCR is distinguished by its trademark blue tents and looks after refugees in all parts of the globe. It was they who established the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, adopted in Geneva in 1951 and set the traditional definition for 'refugee'. UNHCR has offices in over 100 countries, an annual budget of $1 billion, and, although it has its problems, allocates both legal protection and emergency relief. Its purposes are to care for refugees, make sure that the problem does not mushroom, that the world cares for these refuges, and that these refugees are settled as soon as possible in other countries and are able to get omit their lives. To date, UNHRC has helped 25 million people successfully restart their lives. (Kushner, 2005) UNRWA, in comparison, has allowed the refugee situation to mushroom, has stimulated a certain problem into an incurable one sparking off global dissension, has prevented the refugees from settling into other countries by sparking off a taboo against resettlement, and has disabled the refugees from successfully restarting their lives. My second policy recommendation, therefore, is that UNRWA should be dismantled and cares of the Palestinian refugees transferred back to UNHCR who should be given total
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