An Alternative Dispute Resolution ( Adr ) Method

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Increased use of mediation on workplace conflicts as an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method leads to researches into efficacy of this method in different sectors. While many professional and practical research works conducted by professional bodies, there is paucity of academic works (Bollen and Euwema, 2013). With this specification of the area, Bennett’s research on the workplace mediation efficacy for higher education (HE) sector is regarded as a contribution to academic knowledge base. Bennett researches into workplace mediation process as an alternative dispute resolution method for higher education (HE) sector. Characteristics of mediation process at HE sector and reasons for conflicts were argued based on the reports of the…show more content…
Regardless of increasing interest on workplace mediation, there are limited number of research works for last two decades (Bollen and Euwema, 2013). Bennett used a number of professional sources for his research including works from ACAS and CIPD. The positive sides of this references are 1) considering professional specifications of the area, 2) reviewing the current practical applications and procedures of mediation and 3) making sense of challenges of workplace conflicts and mediation for employers and employees. Moreover, workplace mediation with its all detailed aspects and factors, also it role for as a guarantee for organizational climate and justice is not examined (Nesbit et al, 2012). Thus, literature review in the paper provides accurately information about previous research on the topic. The research was conducted under qualitative research methodology and the main method used was individual interview. All interviews were held with 36 representatives from 16 universities in the North England and 4 senior managers from UK’s largest mediation services providers. In addition to mediators and mediation co-ordinators, HR staff, training and development staff and equality and diversity staff from some universities was involved to the research according to their role in mediation process. Interview is one the most used method to research into workplace conflicts and workplace mediation, since it is seen from many previous research papers including the papers on the
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