An Alternative Theoretical Perspective Centered On Racial Analysis Essay

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The argument proposed by researchers is that an alternative theoretical perspective centered on racial analysis could better inform leadership practices that improve the educational outcome for students of color (Brown, 2005; Gooden, 2012; Gooden & Dantley, 2012; Gooden & O’Doherty; Lopez, 2003; Young & Laible, 2000; Young & Lopez, 2011). Gooden and Dantley (2012) suggest that the use of CRT by school leaders can provide a prophetic voice that self-reflects to create agenda’s to change racist practices and policies. A prophetic voice is underscored by identification of injustices based on race and culture and the engendering of creating an agenda to change recognized injustices. Moreover, other scholars believe CRT can help identify and challenge majoritarian educational politics (Lopez, 2003; Aleman, 2009); help school leaders develop a praxis to confront issues of race and racism (Stovall, 2004); challenge the prevalent race neutral (Brown, 2005) issue of colorblindness that influences discrimination, bias, and inequity (Beachum, Dentith, McCray, and Boyle, 2008). Given these points, then, the discussion and use of CRT in school leadership needs to permeate all levels to be seen as a viable alternative and useful lens to provide equity for students of color and of low-SES. A third emerging theme was the emerging theme in this paper is how school leaders are thinking around issues of race. Two school leaders specifically—Drs. Grant and Kirkpatrick—discuss how critical
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