An Alternative Therapy For Cerebral Palsy

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We decided to research suit therapy in the context of cerebral palsy. Suit therapy is a system of rubber bands, hooks, and rings that connect a vest, shorts, kneepads, and specially connected shoes (McMahon, Pruitt & Vargus-Adams, 2009). There is bungee like cords that continue to tighten and adjust in order to “mimic normal flexor and extensor patterns of major muscle groups in an attempt to correct abnormal alignment” (McMahon, Pruitt & Vargus-Adams, 2009). Wearing the suit along with intensive physical therapy, and active motor participation by the patient for a certain amount of time and frequency is meant to retrain normal muscle movement and improve sensory and proprioceptive information in the brain (McMahon, Pruitt & Vargus-Adams, 2009). Suit therapy has been emerging as an alternative therapy for cerebral palsy. We are researching whether or not suit therapy treats both implications cerebral palsy has on the body, the brain and muscles. While suit therapy seems like a great idea in theory, we are looking for proof that it has worked on patients that have gone through clinical trials or experiments with it and that it will be an accessible therapy able to reach the population. There are many studies done where subjects have received suit therapy either by itself, with other intensive physical therapy, and comparing results of suit therapy to results of other types of therapy that are established as being used for cerebral palsy. There are many articles about cerebral
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