An Alternative Therapy For Cerebral Palsy

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We decided to research suit therapy in the context of cerebral palsy. Suit therapy is a system of rubber bands, hooks, and rings that connect a vest, shorts, kneepads, and specially connected shoes (McMahon, Pruitt & Vargus-Adams, 2009). There is bungee like cords that continue to tighten and adjust in order to “mimic normal flexor and extensor patterns of major muscle groups in an attempt to correct abnormal alignment” (McMahon, Pruitt & Vargus-Adams, 2009). Wearing the suit along with intensive physical therapy, and active motor participation by the patient for a certain amount of time and frequency is meant to retrain normal muscle movement and improve sensory and proprioceptive information in the brain (McMahon, Pruitt & Vargus-Adams, …show more content…
Treatment of cerebral palsy is important in the field of occupational therapy, because therapists often care for people with cerebral palsy, so if their patients begin receiving new types of therapy, they need to know about it and understand it.
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) includes information regarding what cerebral palsy is, its risk factors, data, statistics, and other general information that will give a basic knowledge about cerebral palsy, and if suit therapy truly will treat what is at the basis of cerebral palsy. While the article includes a lot of information about cerebral palsy, for the purposes of obtaining information that is pertinent to suit therapy, we focused on their definitions of cerebral palsy and some of its symptoms. The CDC is a government organization that backs research on many different diseases and disorders affecting people, making it a credible source to gather facts. A working definition of cerebral palsy and its symptoms is needed to achieve this and the CDC provides that along with other information. The CDC defines cerebral palsy as “a group of disorders that affects a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture” (2015). It also describes that cerebral means having to do with the brain, and palsy is weakness or issues using muscles (2015). Therefore, for suit therapy to be effective, its treatment must focus on both the brain and

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