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An Alternative to Exercise Advertisement Over the recent years advertisements, for healthier lifestyle, have expanded significantly. The objective of health advertisement is to persuade Americans to choose a healthier lifestyle. From television, internet ads and fitness clubs, the advertisement industry promotes anything from exercise videos to obtaining the perfect body image. Nowadays, most Americans believe advertisements promoting exercise can completely change the personal appearance, and make the individual feel better. Although, advertisements surrounding physical activity persuade an individual to pursue a healthier lifestyle, advertisement also increase individuals to question their own body image. Recent studies suggest…show more content…
Many research studies focus on the effect appearance based advertisement has on individuals. Advertisers promote products that ensure consumers on achieving the best body possible. The signaling theory states that advertisement motivates people to form an opinion on whether to purchase an item or ignore it. However, it is in the method that advertisement is presented that affect consumers. For these reasons, appearance based advertisement present a paradox to consumers and lowers the motivation of individuals to exercise.
Purpose, Prevalence, and Methods Media messages purposely promote health behaviors in order to improve an individual’s self-efficacy. It is through self-efficacy individuals believe they can accomplish a set goal. Media messages reach a wide audience to promote a product. According to Berry, Jones, McLeod, & Spence (2011), the prevalence rate for appearance advertisement is higher than solely health messages advertisements (p.751). According to the journal article, “Physical Activity Information Seeking and Advertising Recall,” commercial advertisements focus on people recognizing the brand and purchasing the behavior of the brand (Berry, Spence, Plotnikoff, & Bauman, 2011). Not only are exercise advertisements promoted trough TV commercials, ads have appeared as far as social networks, and fitness clubs. According
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