An American Citizen, We Face Multiple Economic Challenges Within Our Country

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As an American citizen, we face multiple economic challenges within our country. How can we change the economic downward spiral? Do we improve on immigration relationship and border control by enforcing stricter regulations? Just as fast as our illegals cross the border corporations are doing the same by outsourcing jobs overseas. Living in Tennessee we find ourselves making less money and having less job opportunities as factory jobs are taken overseas. How can we fix the economy when goods are being made outside the country and then brought back in to sell to consumers and the government is busy bailing out lending corporations that give money to companies that are utilizing outsourcing and still not able to thrive? Analysts say that…show more content…
We have numerous politicians that have held office for multiple terms despite the steady decline of our economy. Immigration is another huge debate in our country right now. Immigrants sharing heart wrenching stories of families being torn apart over our regulations. We have the capability to find dangerous criminals using drones yet we are unable to stop illegals from crossing over the border. Did we as Americans allow pandoras’ box to happen, since for years we looked the other way and used the illegals for our own benefits? Companies have continued the practice of hiring cheap labor while dodging the immigration issues by outsourcing. This practice is deplorable considering now after the recession we have millions of unemployed citizens looking for job opportunities. In the past, the jobs most illegals would take would be the ones the citizens refused to work. The job market has changed from those years past, teenagers and senior citizens take a lot of jobs that were being occupied by illegals. I laughed at my teenage brother-in-law working at chicken plant in Arkansas. Why would I laugh at someone that has a job? I just always assumed that working at a chicken plant was for illegals. My brother-in-law would tell stories about the immigration police coming to the plant to arrest multiple people and how you could see a mass exodus coming out of the plant. As a society we are so accustomed to these jobs being occupied by illegals that the thought of an American
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