An American Culture Analysis

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For an American, Asia is a distant land that is polluted, poor, and unmodern. For an American taking a business trip to Asia living amongst people with different values, a different culture, and a completely different life. For my dad this became reality. He had been given the chance to experience a small part of Asia through a business trip. However, for him this wasn’t just a business trip and yet not a vacation. This was the chance he was given to experience more of the world for himself instead of what other people or what the news told him. My dad is one of the most intelligent people I know both in school, in a career, and in life. He was valedictorian of his class at his Notre Dame high school and graduated from Clarkson with an…show more content…
“While there’s less intermarriage than what is in America; the groups actually got along better than we do in America.” This way of coexisting shows the respect they have for one another even while following their history and traditions. America is considered to be one of the best countries for equality and yet Singapore seems to coexist much better working with each other to help make the country…show more content…
Indonesia is a country that has been taken advantage of by other countries and companies that look for very cheap labor. There are cramped living conditions, little to no labor laws, and basically no pollution regulation. This creates an environment of cheap wages that are routinely exploited. “Indonesian people are very poor, very modest, and are willing to work for very low wages. So countries setup headquarters in Singapore and then do the work in Indonesia where the work can be done much cheaper.” Indonesian living conditions are deplorable and is still considered developing. When my father was back in Singapore I remember asking my father one night what if anything had he found interesting about Singapore and he responded with the weirdest fact saying, “Did you know that it’s illegal to have chewing gum?” This statement took me off guard as a 12-yeard old being that chewing gum is all I wanted to have and yet and entire country is banned from it. I automatically thought of the communist regime in North Korea and asked my father if it was a similar instance because what monster would take away chewing gum. However, Singapore isn’t communist they’re just trying to be more clean. Without chewing gum their public places, whether they’re benches, buses, or sidewalks, are a lot cleaner. All I have heard of on the news is the pollution that is
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