An Analog, Voice Grade, Basic Form Telephone Service Essay

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POTS is an analog, voice grade, basic form telephone service that connects home and businesses to central office telephone networks around the globe. It is based off of the Bell Telephone system and runs over copper twisted pair wires that form the local loop. (What is Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), 2015). It is used more than any other phone system because it is reliable. The band path frequencies are limited to 300 to 3400 hertz.
Local Land Line Phone System:
Local Loop – the local loop is the copper wire connection that is created when the two-pair copper twisted-pair is connected to the central office.
• Central Office - using switches, the central office connects the user to other local subscribers, other central offices, or long-distance providers.
• Local Exchanges – are connected by trunk lines. The local exchanges connect to local households in the area. The local exchanges aggregates by multiplexing the individual calls using timeslots.
• POP – point of presence is where the telephone company will hand its service off to a subscriber.
• Long Distance System – this is purchased from the local carrier. A Picc code is assigned to the long distance carrier network and is handed off when a 1 is pushed to make a long distance call.
• Fixed Line – is also known as a landline telephone that uses metal wire or fiber optic telephone lines for transmissions.
Telecommunications Network Components: A base station provides cells with network coverage. It

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