An Analysis Of Anne Bradstreet's Upon The Burning Of Our House

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How does one react to a tragic event? Is there a correct way to react? In Puritan life, sadness was not the way to respond. Acceptance, patience, and trust were all familiar terms to Puritans when things did not go as planned. For the first Puritan woman to write poems about feelings, Anne Bradstreet, letting go of the normality of sadness took little to no effort. In Bradstreet’s poem Upon the Burning of Our House, a fire scorches her home and burns it down. She, as anyone would be, was concerned about her things, her memories, and her well-being without a home. Although, once she came to her senses, her Puritan beliefs began to shine through. Her concerns shifted. Anne Bradstreet’s major concern was confirming her faith and keeping her fidelity to God through the catastrophe. Every Puritan had a soul dedicated to faith. God was the foundation of Puritan life. Some religions…show more content…
All that was left were traces of a home- a home once filled with precious items and meaningful memories. Although concerned with these things for a brief moment, her concern of God proceeds to dominate. From then on, Anne Bradstreet’s memories and items were nothing compared to God. They were just things that used to be. “Adieu, Adieu, All’s Vanity.” As for the home itself, she viewed it as a temporary home. At this point, she realizes that where God is, is where she should be too. Once reached, heaven is permanent. “Thou hast a house on high erect, Fram’d by that mighty Architect, With glory richly furnished, Stands permanent, though this be fled.” Bradstreet is proving that although she has lost, she will gain back her losses and much more. It is after the fire that she has complete faith in God like this, as she is trying to rebuild her strength through him. She says goodbye to her things and home that she once treasured. Following the fire, Anne Bradstreet had confirmed her faith after being concerned about its sturdiness throughout the
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