An Analysis Of Banking Chatbots In The Banking Industry

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. This is possible when this algorithm ingests millions of data poits from existing information. An Artificial Intelligent company in San Fransisco called Sentient technology, running a hedge fund, has developed a machine learning algorithm that can get this done. Also, Numerai, which is another hedge fund, is using Artificia iIntelligence to make trending decisions.
Banking Chatbots: Machine learning algorithm and natural languauge process are very important machineries to ensure a conversational and personalized experience to customers across board.The AI chatbots have played significant roles in advancing the course of the banking industry . One way the AI chatbot is improving the banking sector is the way it helps user manage their
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The hman staff will have more time to engage in more challenging and important tasks while automation of tasks related to screening of curriculum vitae, among others will be handled by Artificial Intelligence.
New Employee Onboarding: Onboarding of new employees entails introducing them to the culture, processes and polices of the company. The AI’s Virtual Assistant can provide answers to those areas of questions.
The Issues of Artificia Intelligence
The speed at which Artificia Intelligence is growing and developing is very interesting and at the sam time , a source of concern. The school of thought of some researchers, scientists, and developers with respect to this pace of development is that Artificial Intelligence could grow to the extent that regulation or the control of its activities may be very difficult to achieve. Humans now seem to be threatened that the degree of intelligence intoduced into these machines may not be worth the while in the nearest future.
The Threat To Safety: It is believed in some quarters that self-improving Artificial Intelligent Systems can evolve beyond the expectations of hmans. If this happens,it will be very difficult to stop them from achieving their gial ,which could lead to unintended consequenses.
Concern About Human Privacy:

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