An Analysis Of Bradbury 's ' Something Wicked This Way Comes '

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Lit Analysis Essay
For countless generations, a single aspect of life has been the center of major controversy and dispute among many and may never eventually be settled. The question remains: good or evil? This one inquiry has led to a variety of religions and cultures, as well as a great divide among the entire human civilization. However, in many circumstances which are shown in many novels and movies, good always conquers. In Something Wicked This Way Comes, Bradbury proposes the idea that good always prevails over evil by utilizing the characters as examples of vice and virtue, providing a reason as to how evil could influence one’s actions, and introducing the idea that one could outweigh the obstacles of immorality with the power of integrity. In the beginning of the book, Bradbury introduces Will and Jim immediately as very different in terms of personality and appearance. As first described in the first chapter, “And the first boy, with hair as blond-white as milk thistle… looked at the salesman with a single eye open, bright and clear as a drop of summer rain. The second boy did not move… debating as if he might make up a name. His hair was wild, thick. and the glossy color of waxed chestnuts.” (6). Here, the two main characters are introduced as very different from one another. Will’s blonde-white hair and Jim’s waxed chestnut-colored hair contrasts greatly when described in the same paragraph. By choosing to introduce the boys’ appearances as almost exactly…
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