An Analysis Of Diane Goode's Christmas In The Country

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The book I chose for my analysis was Christmas In the Country by Cynthia Rylant and Diane Goode. This book follows the life of a young girl who lives with her grandparents in a little white house on the countryside. It illustrates her excitement and anticipation as she waits for Christmas each year, and how much fun she has when it finally arrives. After reading through this book one can infer, that this book follows the very traditional roles of a man and a woman’s role in the household and with children.
At first glance, there is nothing that is particularly specific about the book. It doesn’t give any inference about what it is about beside Christmas. One can see a child playing on the cover and at a quick glance think it’s a boy. After a closer look, one can see that it is in fact a little girl with a long blond ponytail blowing in the wind. The font and
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Throughout the book on any given page where a character is shown one can clearly tell the stereotypical male from female. The little girl is shown wearing a pink skirt while her grandfather is wearing long blue jeans. The little girl has long blond hair, while her grandfather has short hair and a mustache. The grandmother also wears a pink skirt and even appears to be wearing high heels. On one of the pages where there are many people shown, one can clearly distinguish the men from the women. All of the women have bows in their hair or bows in their hats, while the men are shown as either bald, balding, or with very short hair. The women have on pink, purple, or green. While the men are dressed in black, brown or gray. None of the men have long hair and by the same token none of the women have short hair. Although, it is winter and there is snow the women are still shown wearing skirts or dresses, while the men are shown wearing long warm pants. Every person in this book depicts your everyday stereotypical person, based on
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