An Analysis Of Dumpster Diving By Lars Eighner

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Yesterday I threw out an old jar of peanut butter with only about an inch left. It no longer served a purpose, as I had purchased a new and improved jar. As I began to toss the jar towards the garbage, I was reminded of an essay I had just read. In his essay Dumpster Diving, Lars Eighner suggests that when we throw away items, homeless people can find a way to make use out of whatever it is. Therefore, if we don't want there to be bums on the street, it is inferred that we shouldn't throw anything extra out. I myself was not supporting the homeless community, or being wasteful, I was just trying to make room in the cabinet. If I would have kept that inch of peanut butter, it wouldn't have made the world's population of homeless people try…show more content…
Unlike Eighner, Lindeman tells of the romance and beauty of rummaging the streets. Eighner himself has lived on the streets as a homeless man. He allows the reader to join him in his own personal life stories in order to show the severity of his past situation. Eighner tells of the embarrassment and shame that comes from scavenging through trash to stay alive. He writes of the woeful feelings that a homeless person possesses in their time of wander. “He can wipe the egg yolk off the found can, but he cannot erase the stigma of eating garbage out of his mind” (Eighner 144). With much passion, he speaks of the homeless as victims of a undeserved life. However, according to Linderman, the life of a dumpster diver can be quite satisfying. As Lars Eighner uses anecdotes from personal experience to pro his points through his essay, the reader can relate more to his writing because is more of a personal experience evidence while freegans’ is more of a research. The whole article is composed in first person and the author presents most of his ideas with a very personal voice. Lars Eighner is a male in his middle ages and it can be inferred that he is in stable emotional state. Lars calls himself a scavenger and it is believed that he does not consider himself to be from a low social class. Lars believes that he understands how to live off and gain more from other people. The audience of this article would be the general public, especially those people that do not clearly

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