An Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe 's `` The Raven, And The Pit ' And ' The Pendulum '

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The use of characters in Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories like “The Raven,” and the Pit and the Pendulum,” show psychological elements, and make the stories more mind boggling and delusional. Authors choose a certain technique on how they write their stories based on how they want the audience to feel and think when they read it, and also based off of their personal backgrounds. Edgar Allan Poe’s stories are described as “disturbing” with disturbed characters. His stories are meant to bring chills down the spine. Most of them are based on death, and the darkness it brings to the mind and how it affects your mental state. There is not life without death, and Poe really exaggerates this in his stories. Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809. He was born in Boston, and his parents were both actors, and died before he made it to the young age of three. He was then raised by John and Frances Allan as foster child living in Richmond, Virginia. Poe was sent to the most prestigious boarding schools by his Uncle John and excelled in academics while attending. He was later sent to the University of Virginia. Poe was not at the university for long before he was forced to leave because his uncle refused to pay debt he had collected by the gambling problem he possessed. After being kicked out of the University, Poe went back to Richmond, where his relationship with his uncle would soon fade. He moved to Boston in the year of 1827, and enlisted in the United States

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