An Analysis Of Edward Hopper's 'The Nighthawks'

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Time can be a Deciding Factor “The Nighthawks”, by Edward Hopper is a unique form of art for the time period (1942) that it is based in because it is a very natural oil painting. Along with this piece of art, there is another significant oil painting done by the artist Edouard Manet called, “Corner Of A Cafe-Concert” (1880). These paintings both symbolize a restaurant setting during the time in which they were created but in doing this they have different structures based on what was happening around them during their time periods. Although both of these works of art represent a cafe setting, the color schemes and use of brushwork is the number one clue that separates them from each other. In Manet’s painting, he uses much brighter colors to show that the time of day is likely in the mid-afternoon. Hopper on the other hand uses a much darker palette to make the observer understand his is set during the night, hence the title of the work. “The Nighthawks”, has a much more realistic approach because of the clarity of the figures and the crispness of his line work. The characters in his work are easily distinguishable and are proportional. In Edouard’s painting, he uses very obscure brush strokes to create the figures shown. The foremost characters are visible but when you look into the background, they become almost blurry. He does this to draw your attention to the front most people. In 1920, the United States of America puts the 18th amendment into place. The

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