An Analysis Of First Lady Michelle Obama 's Let 's Move

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The National Institute of Health indicates that more than two-thirds (68.8%) of Americans are obese. An increase in the number of overweight Americans presents special opportunities for weight reduction companies. Overweight people have special physical, dietary, privacy, and other needs that can be met in various ways.
The introduction of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program has resulted in Americans becoming health conscious and taking a proactive approach to adopt healthy lifestyles. With the increased awareness, a lot of people are making lifestyle changes by dieting, exercising or both. The increase in the number of people exercising has translated into an increasing trend in the purchase or search for plus-size athletic apparel.
According to the Washington Post, out of the $190billion clothing industry, plus size clothing represents only 9%.
Some retailers and dealers have realized the potential to grow sales and revenue by catering to the niche market of plus size shoppers however a large number of others are reluctant to jump on board for financial reasons.
The NDP Group indicates that plus-sized women’s clothing went up 5% from 2013 to 2014 and generated $17.5billion within the period in comparison to $16.8billion the previous year.
There are many distributions channels with ecommerce and department stores being the fore-runners with ecommerce experiencing a 31% growth over a 2year period.
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