An Analysis Of Frank Lloyd Wright On Architecture, And Stravinsky On Music

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In life, there are things that happen to us; all of us or some of us that are beyond comprehension and that leave a lasting impact into our lives. Some of the things are a glimpse of what the future could imply to us and form a platform from which important things will be built. In the last few centuries, the dancing industry in the world had not been considered as an important art, and therefore, dancing was basically done informally for entertaining oneself or for layman’s reasons. That was until a girl was born at the end of the of the 18th century, a girl who would grow into prominence as far as dancing was concerned; revolutionizing the dance world and setting new platforms through which modern dance would be established. Her influence on the dance and choreography would last for over seven decades, and her influence has been reminiscent to that of Picasso on the modern visual arts, Frank Lloyd Wright on architecture, and Stravinsky on music. The name of this girl who went from heights to heights and established the modern dancing and choreography in the world was Martha Graham.
Martha Graham was an American dancer and choreographer, born in the city of Allegheny, which would later become part of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, when Martha turned fourteen years old, her family moved to Santa Barbara, California. Her father was an “alienist,” a practitioner of an early form of psychiatry, or what could be described as using physical movements to treat physical…

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