An Analysis Of Gary Powell 's ' Women And Men '

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In ‘Women and Men in Management,’ author Gary Powell addresses a number of different discriminatory stereotypes. People develop a perception of gender roles from a socialization process that instills a perception of the differences between men and women. Growing up, we perceive the existence of stereotypical gender roles through teachings and personal interactions. For me however, as a product of the late 80s and 90s, everything I learned about the differences between men and women came with the caveat that women are capable of doing all the same things that men can do. Despite the constant reinforcement of this idea, I was still raised with the understanding that it is the responsibility of a man to serve as a provider for his wife and family. Arguably an antiquated thought process, I grew up with the understanding that a man’s role was to ensure the welfare of his wife and children. A sexist idea perhaps by modern day standards, it actually reinforces the importance of diversity in all aspects of life. Men, women, people in general naturally possess different attributes, causing differences between their actions and behavior. According to gender stereotypes, men exhibit masculine traits like aggressiveness and dominance while women portray more feminine qualities like sensitivity and tact. (Powell, 2010).
This idea is a result of upbringing and the general projection of accepted perceptions of men and women, often through entertainment and media. Understanding the…
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