An Analysis Of ' Gatsby And Quentin ' And ' The Great Gatsby '

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Jay Gatsby and Quentin Compson come from very different families, but they are similar in more ways than expected. There are a few differences between the two, such as their personalities and upbringings, but their similarities are worth examining. Gatsby and Quentin both have an obsessions with the past, a woman that they love, as well as a desire to solely possess this woman. By considering these characters from Sound and the Fury and The Great Gatsby together, important life lessons can be learned. There is no way to recapture the past, despite the amount of effort that is exerted to do so and some dreams are not worth pursuing if they are impractical. Gatsby and Quentin are both similar in their obsession with the past. The first three sections of Sound and the Fury are setup to show that each character figuratively lives in a different time. Benjy sees everything as the present, Jason only focuses on the future, and Quentin lives in the past. He does not simply remember the past occasionally, but Quentin is unable to think about anything but the past. There are constant flashbacks throughout his section to memories of Caddy and his father. His grandfathers watch becomes a constant reminder of time because of the periodic ticking. Quentin explains, "I went to the dresser and took up the watch, with the face still down. I tapped the crystal on the corner of the dresser and caught the fragments of glass in my hand and put them into the ashtray and twisted the hands off and

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