An Analysis Of Harriet Jacobs And Frederick Douglass Essay

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Harriet Jacobs and Frederick Douglass both wrote narratives that detailed their lives as slaves in the antebellum era. Both of these former slaves managed to escape to the North and wanted to expose slavery for the evil thing it was. The accounts tell equally of depravity and ugliness though they are different views of the same rotten institution. Like most who managed to escape the shackles of slavery, these two authors share a common bond of tenacity and authenticity. Their voices are different—one is timid, quiet, and almost apologetic while the other one is loud, strong, and confident—but they are both authentic. They both also through out the course of their narratives explain their desires to be free from the horrible practice of slavery. Even though bith authors had these many core similarities they are both fundamentally different stories because of the simple reason that their gnders are different. Jacobs and Douglass simply write the female and male versions of slavery. The life of female slaves and male slaves were two totally different monsters and this difference is reflected in the slaves narratives of bothh authors. Harreit Jacobs was not only unfortunate enough to be a black person during an era a slavery but also be a women during a time where women did not have many rights and they also had to deal with the social norms of the time. Women during the time period were supposed to reserve their purity and stuff. As guardians of the home, planter-class white
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