An Analysis Of Invisible Man And Invisible Man

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Throughout this course, we have investigated self-knowledge and what it means to know one’s self. Each book that we have read has forced us to think critically in order to analyze the characters and their relations with self-knowledge, and Invisible Man was no different. The Narrator, also known as Invisible Man, faced many challenges when it came to knowing who he was. By the time that you are done reading this paper, you will know not only what it means to know who one is, but also to what extent we define identity as they both relate to Invisible Man.
When asking the question “what does it mean to know who one is,” I believe that it is one that could be seen in many different ways as it relates to Invisible Man. Some would look at this as something so basic like him knowing his name or age, but knowing who one is, is something that goes so much deeper than that. Knowing who one is means knowing oneself from the inside out. In the book Invisible Man, He didn’t really know who he was. The problem that I believe he faced with his identity was the fact that he was always trying to please others; he was always trying to reform his life in order to be what he thought others wanted him to be. When the men from the brotherhood gave him his new name, they told him “Get it down so that even if you are called in the middle of the night you will respond. You are to answer to no other, understand?” Invisible man just accepted it because he felt like who they wanted him to be is who
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