An Analysis Of James A. Reed

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James A. Reed was a businessman during the weeks and a wildlife admirer on the weekends. Reed was born in 1861 on a little farm in Richland County, Ohio. He always enjoyed the outdoors as a child and grew up hunting to provide for his family. Later on in life he attended Coe College where he became a lawyer and moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 1887. Ten years later he served as a city councilor of Kansas City for a year; and then served as a prosecutor of Jackson County for two years after that. His popularity grew substantially and was soon elected mayor of Kansas City. Reed then rocked to national fame because of his accomplishments for the Democratic National Convention and was elected to the United States Senate from Missouri, where he served three terms. His first wife passed away and so he remarried Nell Donnelly in 1933. They were both outdoors people who had a passion for watching wildlife. He then retired and designated almost all of his time to wildlife. He passed away in 1944 having caught pneumonia after a morning of fishing in the rain. Nell lived to be 102 but before she passed away she donated seven hundred and thirty-one acers of land to the Missouri Department of Conservation in memory of her husband. Then the department expanded in size by purchasing the land surrounding the area using federal money and Department funds to a total of three thousand and eighty-four acers. The Missouri Department of Conservation stated the development and construction to…
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