An Analysis Of Jamie Oliver 's Ted Talk

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Jamie Oliver’s Ted Talk “Teaching every child about food,” captures his great passion and investment in fighting childhood obesity, improving children’s health, and lengthening their life expectancy. Obesity affects not just those that are obese, but family, friends, community, and country. The healthcare expense for obesity in the United States per year is two hundred and ten billion per year and growing, this expense is then passed down to Americans who have to pay more money in health insurance premiums as well as tax dollars to help cover this massive expense. (Oliver, J., 2010)

Oliver, in his Ted Talk, discusses three major culprits for child obesity, which are fast food companies/supermarkets, food labels and schools. Oliver describes how thirty years ago, supermarkets were much more locally owned, with fresh foods, whereas nowadays supermarkets are owned by corporate america, stocking the shelves with highly processed foods, that are extremely high in sugar and fats. School breakfast and lunch is a huge staple in children’s nutrition in the United States, as this accounts for two/thirds of millions of children’s daily meals. Oliver rants that the food school’s provide is filled with a tremendous amount of additives, as well as being highly processed, with a lack of fresh vegetables and nutritious foods. (Oliver, J., 2010)

Oliver has proposed a six point plan to reducing childhood obesity in England. His plan would implement a twenty percent tax per litre of sugar

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