An Analysis Of Jim Crow 's The Color Purple

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Qinying Sun
Ms. Hughes
English 10, 5th period

"To mutely comply is to survive, to firmly defy is to live":
The Impact of Jim Crow in The Color Purple

Coward is how people refer to someone who lacks the courage to face a plight; but what if its hardness is impregnable for a single person, though the ambition to revolt never dies? At the end of the 19th century, Jim Crow was defined as a system that imposed racial segregation and discrimination on African Americans. Under the Jim Crow system, the official slogan "separate but equal" perfectly separated people of different races but did no effort to genuinely treat them equally ("Jim Crow Movement"). Alice Walker 's The Color Purple is set in this Jim Crow time period and vividly portrays the lives of those who suffered under the Jim Crow system. Sofia, an intrepid woman who openly defies what she sees as wrong, is put into jail when she confronts Miss Millie, the wife of the mayor. After years of imprisonment and hard labor, Sofia becomes the maid to Miss Millie and takes care of Miss Millie 's daughter, Miss Eleanor Jane. In The Color Purple, the Jim Crow system can be observed through the author 's depictions of the daily discrimination her characters face. During the first half of the 20th century, the Jim Crow system consisted of daily discrimination against blacks by whites, which was caused by an unjust justice system and entrenched social stereotypes. A better understanding of the harsh treatment suffered…
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