An Analysis Of Joe Goode And Melecio Estrella

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Dance Plus Final Paper Just recently I went to view the Dance Plus Spring performance on Saturday April 23rd, 2016. Overall, the show was unique and exciting at the same time. Each of the performances were very different and they conveyed their own separate messages and themes, which made them all so exciting and fun to watch. The performance that I will be critiquing in this paper is “Excerpts from The Rambler.” Choreographed by Joe Goode and Melecio Estrella, this piece was performed in a proscenium stage because the whole idea was to have the entire audience engaged and have them view and understand the message they were trying to communicate. “The Rambler”, a repertory piece that originally premiered in 2011, comprised of twelve…show more content…
They were at times very synchronized since the performers were moving at the same time. For example, in the scene where one of the males was repeatedly saying “When I get there it will be awesome,” the remainder of the performers were doing the same movements at the same time. On the other hand, a good portion of the performers was what I believed to be freestyle. It looked as if the choreographers left the moves up to the performers themselves, which always makes for an interesting product! Although I enjoyed the entire performance, I would like to talk about one of the scenes that I was very special and played an important role in the overall idea of the show. This was the, scene which I mentioned before, where one male dancer is repeatedly saying “When I get there it will be awesome,” as well as other phrases such as “great”, “tight”, and “sick.” I think this was a vital part of understanding the reasoning behind the performance. These words, in my opinion, are representative of the eternal search for happiness and settlement. It seems that this male dancer was looking forward to get to some place in effort to be in a better place. This goes hand-in-hand with the title of the show, “The Rambler.” A rambler is defined as someone who is a wanderer or someone constantly in search of something better. This definition definitely fits the idea of what he was trying to convey by saying those lines
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