An Analysis Of John And Sue 's Life

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Two twenty-something year olds, low on cash, but passionate about their love for one another. John and Sue were uncertain about many things, but their future together was not one of them. Both individuals differed greatly in their upbringing, neither of which particularly pleasant. Sue grew up in Milwaukee with her single mother, moving around here and there as her mother switched secretarial jobs around the city. Sue was an only child and got by with her mother, until Leroy entered the picture. Leroy was a well off butcher who owned his own business and house on a lake in Northern Wisconsin. Eleanor, Sue’s mother, fell for Leroy as fast as she had fallen for Sue’s father, and soon enough, Sue found herself living with her new stepfather and mother in Leroy’s home. Shortly thereafter, three half-siblings were brought into Sue’s life, and as soon as the first one had arrived, she knew she would never fully receive her mother’s whole heart again. John was one of twelve children, and was born into a life of near-poverty in a small Wisconsin town in his little blue house. His mother and father were married, but not happily so, as his father spent most of his time in their dusty basement wood-working and his mother in the hospital as a nurse. John has always received the hand-me-downs of his father and his siblings, from fat trimmings to worn down sneakers and sweaters, and vowed that when he had a family that he would never let them live the life he had as a child. John…

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