An Analysis Of Julia Shelley's ' The Crucible '

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Running a hotel, a pharmacy, scams, and fulfilling his hungry ambition to kill was hard for Holmes to keep up with all on his own, so he began to hire some staff for help. The first of the long line of employees was Julia Connor of Davenport, Iowa in 1890. Julia had gone out to Chicago with her husband and daughter to work in a pharmacy conducted by Holmes. Holmes, not being able to keep up with all that is on his plate right now, is not being a successful store manager and gives the store to Connor, who is so surprised she stopped loving her husband, and returned to Davenport to get a divorce (Hounded to death by ghosts of the castle he built, 1914). Upon her return to Chicago, Julia’s family never hears from her again. Julia became Holmes’ mistress, residing in the castle with her daughter Pearl. Julia became pregnant, and Holmes agreed with Julia that if she would let him give her an abortion, that he would marry her. A week after Julia’s scheduled abortion her and her daughter were never seen again, and two clean skeletons were sold to Hahnemann Medical college for $200 each. Holmes’ janitor, Patrick Quinlan, later admits in 1895, near Holmes’ trial, that he saw the body of a woman after she was dead in the basement around the time that Mrs. Connor and her daughter disappeared. Quinlan claimed that while Julia lived there, she knew about bodies that Holmes had stolen from country graveyards and carried into the castle and told Quinlan and his wife about them. Not…

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