An Analysis Of Kate Greene 's ' The Night '

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It was 4:00 p.m. I was outside in front of my house talking to my best friend , Kate Greene. Before she left, Kate yelled “Izz I’m still sorry about Euro(the dog I had before Lulu)” and left. At this point I didn’t know what to do, but, it wasn’t her fault, she didn’t know that anything I heard related to Euro made me feel as though I should cry. Also the fact that she called me “izz” and not “izzy” (short for my full name Elizabeth Adams), the way she usually does, caught me a bit off guard. This caused me to feel that a long walk with my new dog Lulu would help me to relax. Later in the evening I left my house with Lulu attached to the leash that belonged once to Euro, now without his bright green collar that went missing along with him. It was getting dark. A small amount of time passed before, the only light I had was the one shining from my phone. We walked for a while and the wind started picking up and swept by every second. My phone had no battery left, causing it to turn off and I could barely see. At first I didn’t really assume anything good nor bad would happen, it was dark outside and It just got a bit windy. Those were my thoughts, yes, that Is until I noticed it. The bright green light shined from a distance and my first reaction was to run. I dropped Lulu’s leash and ran towards the light. It was the next day when I woke up lying in the middle of nowhere. Several questions ran through my head all at once that I had no answer to. “What time is it?”, “how
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