An Analysis Of Kfc 's International Expansion Opportunities Essay

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An Analysis Of KFC’s International Expansion Opportunities A Case Study of Ivey School Of Business Analysis By Carson McLaren December 5, 2016 BBB4M-1 Mr James Table of Contents Title Page 2. Table of Contents 3. Problem (Issues) Statement 4. Case Analysis 5. Analysis of Alternatives 6. Recommendations 7. Annotated Case Study Problem Identification Key Decisions Is International expansion the most effective way to see a positive result in the company’s performance? Develop a Business strategy that accounts the statistics of China’s major surroundings cities Key Issues Is China the best option to expand into? Where in the country would be the most beneficial to expand into? Is International expansion worth the risk? Many other competitors to KFC are already present in China. Controlling how China runs the franchises will be difficult to maintain from the U.S. Will the Chinese react the way KFC wants them too, or will they avoid the franchise? Top prospects were eliminated due to the lack of chicken production and tourism numbers. Case does not touch on restrictions of becoming a franchise. Consider the cultural differences in China. During KFC’s absence from Hong Kong, franchises including McDonald 's, Burger King, Wendy 's, and Pizza Hut all have controlled a big part of the Chinese market and will become a big competitor for KFC. Strategic Issues The franchise will need help from a

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