An Analysis Of Leadership As Exhibited By Rebecca S. Halstead

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This case study is an analysis of leadership as exhibited by Rebecca S. Halstead. The article published at Harvard Business School by Boris Groysberg and Deborah Bell details the traits, motivations and leadership style that Halstead exemplified. Through the analysis of this article I hope to not only document the achievements of Rebecca Halstead but also document and assimilate the leadership lessons imparted by her. An important observation I have made from the progress of time I this course is that study of leadership is synonymous with studying great leaders. The study of science involves experiments & making observations based on results. However, leadership is not an absolute science, there are various approaches. Every leader has a different style & combination of traits. Aspiring leaders & scholars of leadership must find their individual combination to succeed. The example of Rebecca S Halstead presented in the article offers many lessons to students of leadership. The authors of the article mention several anecdotes and present various situations where Halstead exhibited qualities of leadership. As a student of leadership it is important to be analytical from different perspectives. I will attempt to present few of the most notable lessons which in my perspective the authors are trying to present. Her origins from a small town in rural Ithaca to becoming an accomplished leader in the military and a leadership coach, is a journey scattered with important

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