An Analysis Of Macbeth's Banquo Soliloque

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Macbeth’s Banquo Soliloque In this Macbeth’s Banquo soliloquy he expresses that to be king means nothing unless his position as king is safe. In order to be safe he will have to do something that he has already done before. Macbeth has just acquired the position of king, in order to keep his position as king safe he will have to execute his competition. Macbeth fears Banquo knows about about him killing Duncan and is scared that Banquo will overthrow Macbeth as king. He only fears Banquo because he has the wisdom to act bravely but also safely. He says there is something noble about him that makes Macbeth fear him. In the speech Macbeth talks about his genius being rebuked just like Marc Antony’s was by Caesar. Marc Antony killed
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