An Analysis Of Marcia Langton 's Life

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“Without history, how would be believe in the idea of Australia? In fact, history shapes the country through its events and its people and the Aboriginal history is a prominent part of Australia history. It is a dramatic story of people who had endured the colonisation pioneers’ over first is a story of a stolen generation who had been subject of an assimilation ideology by rejecting their heritage and adopting the Wight culture, where their names were changed and prohibited to speak their native languages. However, the everyday suffering of aboriginal have just been used as kind of visual and pleasure in the Australian media and public debates. In the midst of this darkness emerged a handful of Australian historians who have revealed the authentic story of Aboriginal people and Marcia is one of them, she has been raising the banner of challenge and resilience for Aboriginal rights issues and arousing the public opinions about it.
The purpose of this essay is to display the most important stations in Marcia Langton’s life including a short biography, an aspect of her work, her contribution to society, political spectrum, opponents and controversies.
Marcia Langton’s biography started in Brisbane where she was born in 1951 descendants of the yeomen and Bidjara nations to Kathleen (Mother) and Fred (Father). Marcia’s father had not presence in her life and effectually not in her mother’s either. After her divorce, Kathleen married Douglas Langton after a year of…

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