An Analysis Of Martin Luther King's Letter From The Birmingham Jail

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Is a civic duty to do this, what needs responsibility. As good citizens, we contribute to our own time in our American society, our community and our friends and neighbors. We vote, we pay taxes, and in accordance with the law. We respect the rights and needs of others of the same for ourselves. Whether or not they agree obligation of citizens to obey the law. Who choose not to comply with the law citizens can be prosecuted for their crimes. Paying taxes is a civic duty, and another. Government Functions supported by taxes. Obligations of citizens to defend the country also include cope jury duty, to maintain allegiance and loyalty. In this article, I want to make sure Martin Luther King and how I "letter from the Birmingham jail," to look at this issue in their writings and "moral." Martin Luther King is isolated peaceful protests in the US "black" people's leader. However, his peaceful protests failed to bring equality. April 10, 1963, Birmingham City Council passed a law prohibiting unauthorized street march. Black people are not satisfied with this unfair legislation, which did not allow blacks to protest equality. Thus, Martin Luther King was forced to take action. Birmingham March April 12 in…show more content…
He said the essence of the conflict is that some people do not want to give up to get what you want. This effectively means that we are concerned with other people's losses, rather than our own interests. He believes that if we focus on the gain, we will find that it is a shared solution. If we do not have this goal, we just make sure to share the losses. Therefore, the best way to find the solution is not to look for a person's self-interest, but the other people involved. If you must first understand and respect, you will be how easy it is for you to achieve a favorable outcome, but also surprised. If all of them do so, the world will
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