An Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's ' Frankenstein '

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Creating Life

To say that fiction or fantasy relies solely on the imagination, would lessen the importance that the personal lives of many fantasy writers plays on the conception of a story. For Mary Shelley, her life was the basis and inspiration, maybe subconsciously, of her very first, and arguably most famous novel, Frankenstein. Through the influences of people and events, Mary Shelley was able to write about friendship and alienation in Frankenstein.

The creation of life is at the center of the novel, and the creation of Mary 's life plays a big part in who she was from birth until her death. Mary was born in 1797 to William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft.1 William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft were both very
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When Mary was fourteen, she was sent to Scotland to stay with Mr. William Baxter. Mary was glad to get away from her step-mother in London. This time was the beginning of Mary 's life as a writer. Mary recollected, " . . . as the daughter of two persons of distinguished literary celebrity, I should very early in life have thought of writing. . . my favourite pastime . . . was to 'write stories '."5 Mary was educated by tutors at home, in the writings of her parents and in foreign language.6 Her time in Scotland was full of leisure, so Mary began to compose stories.7 She thought back on her time there with fondness and comfort. When Mary returned home to London, her house on Skinner Street was constantly busy with different writers and thinkers who came to sit and talk with Godwin. Percy Bysshe Shelley was an admirer of Godwin 's, and wrote to him in request to be a regular houseguest. Godwin agreed and Shelley began to go daily to Skinner Street with his then wife, Harriet.8 Shelley was a well read young man who had been kicked out of Oxford University for a piece he did in support of atheism. He was a breath of fresh air to Mary. Mary at the time was about the age of seventeen. She enjoyed her father 's company, but the men were much older than she was. Shelley was only twenty-one, and Mary was physically attracted to him.9 Mary would take books to her mother 's grave in St. Pancras
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