An Analysis Of Naomi Klein 's Writing On Climatic Change Versus Capitalism

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Naomi Klein has changed the thoughts and beliefs of quite some people in her book This Changes Everything. Her writing on climatic change versus capitalism has transformed many people’s mindsets through the various solutions that she has provided. Naomi points out many helpful solutions in her book, but then not all of them are useful to the people as discussed. The cause of this uncertainty is the provision of incomplete information in her book. However, there are some critiques of her writing which include failure to provide a good strategy on how these solutions can be actualized in the future, the ambiguity of the information presented in the book, provision of incomplete information which has no basis of explicit knowledge and much…show more content…
Besides, when we vividly analyse these allegations, we will find out that most of the solutions have not worked at all but rather brought so much harm than good such as the joint ventures with the big green companies. When talking about climatic change, it is vital to state those goods consumption has a negative or positive effect on the economy. If a person asks the citizens to reduce excessive consumption, then it is not clear to them what needs to be cut. The people may end up going low on domestic and other productive consumption levels. Klein should have specified the products which should be used in small amounts to prevent ambiguity. Some of the solutions that Naomi Klein brings forward are not realistic and practical shortly. Naomi says, “Imagine … a powerful social movement, a robust coalition of trade unions, immigrants, students, environmentalists and everyone else whose dreams were getting crushed by the crushing economic model…” (Klein 121). First of all, there are many causes of peoples crushed dreams other than those of climatic change not forgetting that the economy will never be balanced. Nobody can imagine and see themselves in a better future without seeing the actual solutions working in the present. It is not easy to make the citizens and government implement the plan that Naomi Klein brings forward. How will the government cut off the naughty companies and capitalist

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