An Analysis Of Plato 's ' The Atlantis '

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This review assignment is based on an archaeological phenomenon, and possibly a site, which was also rumoured to be a hoax and non – existent. This archaeological place, which can be located somewhere under water in the lower depths of the Atlantic Ocean, is known by the name Atlantis. Atlantis was described to be a large island, which once existed on the Atlantic Ocean but in the form of an allegory that was mentioned by Plato in his works of Timaeus and Critias. The Atlantis in both of Plato’s works was presented as an antagonist city possessing of great naval power that encircles the Ancient City of Athens, a complete pseudo – historic embodiment of Plato’s desired ideal state in the works of Plato’s republic. Somewhere in the story of Plato’s works, it was told that the city of Athens was successful in repelling an attack set by Atlantis City, and at the epilogue of the story, Atlantis city drowns and forever submerges under the depths of Atlantic Ocean, as its loss on their favour from the Gods. The story of Atlantis city/island was told in many other versions around the globe, but sadly it does not exist in the real world we live in, even though we’ve modernized and advanced ourselves through the change of time and history. Conversely, there were news and discoveries about an evidence in the form of an archaeological land and underwater sites in various locations in different countries, but one unique location was chosen as that evidence, which proves the past

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