An Analysis Of Plato's 'Closed World In Socrates'

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Prisoners live in a deep cave, represented as "underground den", where they have never experienced sunlight before,because they have been there since they were born. They are not able to do any movement, since their necks and legs are tied by chaine. They are only able to look in front of them and look at shadows, that is caused by the fire behind them. Since the prisoners have not experienced anything besides the shadows ahead of them, they can only work with that knowledge what they have got. They consider their shadows to be real. In Socrates's story all the people, who live in the cave, think that knowledge is something that based on experience, and not on ideas. In this story the prisoners (who live in this closed world) represent those people, who have limited, slim knowledge about what's going on in the World and they are their own prisoners. …show more content…

He used to live in a dark environment, where the only little light source was the fire. When he relesases from the cave,he has to face an intense pain. At first he can not see the 'reality', but as soon as he gets used to the light, he sees everything more clear. After he has became accustomed to the light, he start regognizing all the obejcts from smaller to bigger ones. First he notices his own shadown, since that is the only thing he has been familiar with. Then moving on, he sees other things such as 'reflections', 'the obejctive themselves', 'light of the moon', 'the starts', and finally the

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