An Analysis Of Rick Moody 's ' Boys '

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Each story makes use of a very unique tone and form of narration yet these same qualities can be compared to some extent across these essays. The authors utilize different forms of writing to convey their intended focus to the audience. I found each story relative to one another in that they all seemed to touch of the subject of the roles of different genders in our contemporary society maybe even across different cultures.
Rick Moody 's short story "Boys" is written with a distinct style. The author uses a form of a stream of consciousness to convey the purpose at hand, which encompasses writing as if without hesitation or editing - whatever came to Moody’s thoughts, he transferred to text. There was also a substantial use of the word “boys”, placing emphasis on the central meaning of the story. The style is thoroughly descriptive and fails to leave any details of the boys ' lives out. This quality donates a sense of reality and creates a bond between the reader and the characters. The tone of the story comes of as particularly unbiased and serious, as if the author were just stating purely factual information. As events become more somber in the boys ' lives, the author approaches a more sympathetic tone. The boys were supposed to be kids, fooling around playing games and living a care-free childhood, but these boys found themselves in scenarios no boy or child should ever encompass.

In the story “Boys” by Rick Moody from the book Literature To Go, The narrator writes

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