An Analysis Of Ron Rash Short Story

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In today’s society many kids have live within a broken home. For instance the character Jared in The Accent by Ron Rash deals lies with parents that abuse drugs on a daily basis. Kids that live in a stressful environment tend to find themselves creating a fantasy world to escape his or her problems. On the other hand some kids may tend to find a physical place of sanctuary to cope with feelings of distress. Some kids develop distrusting thinking towards mankind which may cause many conflicts between them and society. Furthermore, it’s not healthy for any child to live in a mentally unstable environment. In the beginning of Ron Rash short story, The Ascent a character named Jared is on a mission to escape and find a place of resort. He wanders off into the woods where people are known not to survive or be found. Having a carless attitude towards the trip that he is taking may have consequences he decides to take on the challenging mission into the woods and ends up coming across a plane crash. Examining the plane crash Jared’s problems cease to exist when he realizes that there are two deceased people in the plane a man and woman. He immediately notices the ring on the deceased women. Without hesitation he takes the ring and heads off home happy about what he found. He daydreams about how happy Lydee would be when he gives her the ring. Jared thinks if he give Lydee the ring he would have a chance of being her love interest. But as soon as he gets home and examines the

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