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Engaging In Art: Are You Talking To Me “Savannah Civil Right Museum” Civil Rights have been the long and dreadful fight against desegregation in many places of the world. Throughout its hard fight many people captured the turmoil that they were faced with by painting, some sculpted, and most photographed. Many reason for this art platform to take place was to create a visual symbol of what we know as the resistance time period. Artist wanted to have the feel of empowerment and most of all feeling liberation. Recently I visit the Savannah Civil right Museum to share some of the major history that was capture in the during the 1960’s time err. The museum was founded by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the Civil Rights Movement. It has recently been rename to The Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum to honor Dr. Ralph Mark Gilbert. Each piece in the museum carry’s a huge amount of information that explains the history and the time periods of which it was done. One particular piece that caught my eye was the amazing paint by Jacob Lawrence- Daybreak: A Time to Rest. This art piece is by far one of the best of what I saw at the museum. It tells a story of how Harriet Tubman led many slaves to freedom. Each painting walks you through the time and place of what each movement. The Civil Rights movement touches many lives. To capture the terrific and restless movement of what civil right leaders endure was exceptional. Jacob

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