An Analysis Of Substance Abuse Throughout Contemporary United States

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An Analysis of Substance Abuse in Contemporary United States Araxy Byron Western Governors University Behavioral Sciences 111.6 November 29, 2014 An Analysis of Substance Abuse in Contemporary United States ABSTRACT Substance abuse is a major public health problem that effects everyone, directly and indirectly in all aspects of our lives. Mankind has been using and abusing substances since ancient times. In Egypt, Syria and India people were cultivating poppy plants and extracting the opium from the poppy heads. . Aztecs, Incas and Mayans were using peyote, cannabis and mescaline to induce visions. Beer was used in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia once the cultivation of wheat and…show more content…
It has become concerning in the present time because of its economic burden, health related issues and the sociological and personal impact on our lives. Adequate research, monitoring and education are the instruments that will be needed to address this issue appropriately and efficiently. The sociological theories that have developed from the studies and research done on substance abuse will serve to assist in the decision making regarding policies instituted for prevention and treatment of drug abuse and addiction. The United States faces a myriad of social problems, including but not limited to homelessness, substance abuse, crime, poverty, health crises such as AIDS, racism and discrimination, and educational inequality. These problems have sociological origins and present challenges for federal, state, and local governments alike. These social problems also have an impact on citizens in varying ways. Choose one social problem that is facing the contemporary United States. Write an essay (suggested length of 2–4 pages) in which you do the following: A. Describe the social problem you have chosen. B. Analyze the extent to which the social problem affects the United States. C. Use a sociological theory to help explain at least one of the causes for the social problem you have chosen. A. Describe the social problem you have chosen. Substance abuse has had an enormous impact on contemporary United States in
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