An Analysis Of Sunday In The Park With George

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Sunday in the Park With George: An Analysis “White. A blank page or canvas. His favorite. So many possibilities.” Sunday in the Park with George, a musical by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine, is a very curious musical indeed. The first and second act are separated by a century, the protagonist manages to control the entirety of the show, from the way the story flows, the style, even down to the arrangement of the set pieces. The show transcends a traditional musical in the way it tackles a very specific issue, that of the artist’s struggle to connect to the rest of the world. It has been argued that this show is completed in its first act, but that is actually not the case. Those that argue that the show is complete after the first…show more content…
He creates a piece of art using light and lasers to recreate his great grandfather’s masterpiece, and is again criticized for his lack of vision. He finally finds confidence in himself when he reads from a grammar book with notes inside written by Dot, given to him by his own grandmother. While reading the notes Dot wrote, Dot appears to this younger George and addresses his doubts and tells him he needs to “move on” and stop worrying about if his work will please others. In this, George and Dot are finally reunited and George manages to find his vision again. The first act of the show introduces us to the struggle of our main character. George struggles with something that many artists struggle with: the need to create great work, often at the cost of other things in life. George’s life is consumed by this, as shown in the number “Finishing the Hat,” where George expresses how his view of the world works.”How you watch the rest of the world from a window, while you finish the hat.” George laments on how his art consumes him and how he can only see the world through a “window.” The problem with the first act is that it never resolves this struggle with George. Without the second act, George never is fully resolved, left in this state of imbalance. The second act focuses on Seurat’s descendent, and his focus on being a successful artist. This new George has both the same and opposite problem

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