An Analysis Of The Circuit By Francisco Jimenez

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Challenges and obstacles are everywhere, and everyday people find ways to overcome them all. They are what keep someone motivated to continue trying until they reached their goal. As in “The Circuit,” “from the Grapes of Wrath,” and “Against the Odds.”, they show an example of how they did it. Individuals surpass hardships by persevering to make progress piece by piece. In the short story “The Circuit” by Francisco Jimenez, Panchito dealt with being a migrant worker and going to school. At school, he struggled to read his English book. According to page 473, it states, “He walked up to me, handed me an English book, and asked me to read… When I heard this, I felt my blood rush to my head; I felt dizzy… I opened the book to page 125.…show more content…
But, if they couldn’t sell them, “...they piled up the goods in the yards and set fire to them.They stood and watched them burning, and then frantically they loaded up the cars and drove away, drove in the dust.” (pg. 460). To further elaborate, they searched for a new home to leave the massive cloud of dust roaming upon the Joad family’s older house, in which forcing them to burn their goods. Then, the dust eroded, and in 2009, Sullenberger took the sky on Flight 1549. “Against the Odds” is an informative text by Pearson Realize about how Sully Sullenberger faced a potential crash with 150 passengers on board when geese hit the plane and made the engines fail. Sully kept calm for the whole experience and got everyone to safety, while also keeping the plane intact. The selection states, “The plane could either land in LaGuardia or land in Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. Sullenberger knew the situation was too dire for the plane to stay in the air long enough for either plan to be successful… He’d ditch the plane in the Hudson River - despite the fact that passenger jets are not built to land on water.” (pgs. 446-447). This quote explains that instead of listening to air traffic, he thought of his own way and it succeeded. Another challenge was to get everyone to safety. Most of the passengers were out of the plane, but Sullenberger had to be sure they were all out. So he “...walked the length of the cabin twice, calling ‘Is anyone

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