An Analysis Of ' The Five Stages Of Grief ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Stan and I first met at a Pet Supplies Plus in Chardon, I remember originally being a little weary of him because of his awkward disposition, but nevertheless we became fast friends. Stan was a small vibrant fellow with a love for swimming, but one day Stan was attacked by a fellow named Kyle. Suddenly the Stan I once knew and loved was gone, he no longer possessed a love for swimming and the vibrancy he once had was no longer there. Seeing Stan rapidly deteriorate, I realized I needed to emotionally prepare myself for his imminent passing. To come to terms with this notion I went through three of the five stages of grief. The first stage of grief I experienced while coming to terms with Stan’s condition was depression. Having received no sympathetic support from my family, I sat alone by Stan as he slept. Thoughts raced through my head, so much so that it was hard to think, so instead I began to cry. As I cried the fog in my head slowly lifted, and the only thing I could think about was how I was not ready for him to leave, and I couldn’t fathom how to continue without him. The cliche phrase ‘he’s in a better place now’ kept surfacing in my mind, and no matter how great my will I could not bring myself to believe it. I felt so helpless sitting there next to him knowing he was in pain and there was nothing I could do about it. I left his side only when I could no longer keep consciousness, and somehow deep within my heart I knew he wouldn’t make it through the night.…
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