An Analysis Of The Occupation Of Artist Management

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An Analysis of the Occupation of Artist Management
Zach Helms
Radford University

An Analysis of the Occupation of Artist Management
Successful artists within the music industry tend to have a whole team of people behind them to handle anything from booking gigs and handling public relations to arguing contracts and keeping them on their daily schedule. Sometimes this team is hand chosen by the artist, while other times the artist may sign to a record label and be asked to sign a “360" Deal, basically giving the record label control of those connections. From agents, to publicists, to assistants and lawyers, the team is made up of diverse individuals each assigned a specific task to accomplish for the artist. There is
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For example, a manager could spend one day negotiating a contract between the artist and a brand they endorse, and could be advising on the wardrobe the artist is wearing the next. All of this is due to the fact that the manager is essentially in charge of the artist’s career. It is their duty to view the artist as a brand for which they must market and sell to the primary target market that is the world of music. However, although many times the duties of a manager can stretch far and wide across the artist’s career they are sometimes limited to specific tasks. In many instances, a manager may be given specific duties pertaining solely to the role of a business manager. It all varies with the needs of the artist and what they are hoping to achieve in hiring their manager. Some artists even decide to manage themselves and forgo even hiring a manager. Ultimately, however, it is truly an easier method for an artist to hire a manager as the business side can often be taxing and confusing with endless business details and minor nuances that take away effort the artist can be using to better themselves as a performer. Also, a manager already has a grasp on the business world and likely already has a series of connections that would be beneficial to the artist’s business and performing career. To be successful, the two parties must form a relationship with mutual understanding. The relationship is somewhat symbiotic in the fact that
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